About Ap web Academy.

Hi, welcome to about Ap web Academy. You can learn here web concepts step by step in Ap web Academy.

Who am I?

1.i am Ajay Kumar from Vijayawada. it is in Andhra Pradesh, India.

2.i am doing a professional job in a well-named company.

3.i don’t hold any degrees my self. I am not a great English expert.

4.but, I have a lot of interest in learning web concepts.

That’s why you are reading my profile here.

What can I do?

I know Html, CSS front-end web development languages. I have a right touch in JavaScript the front end interactive program. In PHP some intermediate. PHP is back-end code. I also have basic knowledge in my SQL. My SQL is database management. I test and use hundreds of soft wares and websites.

c#.net, asp, java, python and data science is my future goals.I learn as much as possible in my life.

Approx 8 years experience I got in this process. I face so many hurdles in that stage. But, my interest throws out all of them.at the same time I got an idea.

Some of other people also feel same struggle like me.If I present my knowledge to newbies sharpen their skills and interact with senior giants on web.newbies can get useful things. I also get an excellent grip on coding and web concepts with coördination of elders.

What is Ap web Academy?


Ap web academy is that allow user learn web concepts step by step. Always tries to present rich and quality content to users. The main thing it just starts now as a blog. The plan is to expand to as possible more as features add back.give more comfortable feel to the user like you.

 Ap web Academy goal

The concept is ” provide useful information step by step for users who are searching and try to learn web concepts.”

That’s it. Thank you so much for visiting and go home. Continue learning.

Read Ap web Academy in English.

Ap web academy సైట్ ని తెలుగు లో చదవండి.

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