buying a great domain name.untold secrets

Few words before buying a great domain name.Untold secrets.

Hello, welcome to Ap Web Academy.My topic of the day was buying a great domain name.Untold secrets. I am going to show the most many secrets on the web. It is amusing for someone. It is very hard for someone. Today a huge number of domains born every day. So everyone has a curiosity about buying a great domain name.what is untold secrets. What is the need? Where do I start? And so many doubts in mind. For newbies who are tried to buy a great domain name the curiosity levels high more than the others .now I am going to show you step by step.

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Buy a great domain name.Untold secrets.

First, we discuss most important things. How rank your website with your domain name. Appear on the first page of google search.I can’t guarantee it works 100%. But, try gives great satisfaction in every work and method. The same thing applies for this also.Just we hope how your domain name operates on these plans suggest by the great Matt Cutts. The Google web spam team head said about below-mentioned details.he is said same not as I mentioned. But his told in various situations, different topics. I feel his words meaning will be lead to these points.

Remind these words always from buying a great domain name to writing a post.

1.your keyword must start in your domain name.

2.your website title must start with your keyword, means your domain name and web title both are equal.

  1. more aged domains get little more value. means you run your site since years are buy your domain for more years.

4.your post must contain your keyword least 4 to 6 times. Keyword also means your domain name and title.

Matt Cutts says so many points For SERF.

These are Useful for buying a Great Domain name.


Rare cases this will reverse. If you want an example, I learn a lot of things from this man Harsh Agarwal’s shout me loud an excellent blog, his title name is a domain name, he very rarely and almost he never used in his posts. Today morning on his blog I read a great post by guru Eric In The Next 15 Minutes I Will Show You How To Make Your Blog More Professional that helps a lot’s for me. And so many sites like shout me loud.

But as well as possible we try to follow what I called the Matt Cutts rules.Below mentioned I support all points and get a great result by me, so, I just show what I do with confidence.

Buying a great domain name

if you have a great domain in your hand in my view and my feeling is that’s not a domain. That’s gold mine.

Yes.a good domain name can do half of the Seo for your website.but, how to consider which name is the great domain name? Look like the same feeling also you all feel? I explain that.

A domain name choice belongs to a few points.

  1. What is your website?
  2. Where is your website place?
  3. Who are your target visitors?
  4. What is your website language?
  5. What are your plans for your website?

I explain the things now. First, take a pen and paper right rough sheet are some professional plan about your site.

buying a great domain name.untold .com domain image
Buying a great domain name. Untold .com domain image

1.first point what is your website?

very carefully think about this.

  •      Which type of website do you try to build?
  •      Personal blog, professional blog or website?
  •      An e-commerce store or membership site?

Take some time thinking about your site.after a conclusion already some domain names appear in mind.



Example: if your website is your blog try to stick your name.Your extension. If you try to build a professional blog or website seek to hold you plan e-commerce try to stick, are

As a reader of Ap Web Academy and buying a great domain name.Untold secrets you are always valuable for me.

buying a great domain name.untold secrets. post domain names image
Buying a great domain name.Untold domain names image

So, I give you a healthy, lovable warning “always stay with .com for any blog or website.” I know what you say” why it’s worth more cost than some other .extension?” yes, it’s worth more cost than some other.extension. But, it’s worth more than any other.extension. Because always search engines give more value Search engines like google, Bing they offer more value compare with any other.extension.

Now we move to the next step.



2.where is your website place?.

It is another thing crucial thing playing a significant role in domain name choice.

We see some problems.

If your site in the UK, if you buy .us, there is No use.

You sell freezers in Tokyo if you buy no use with that.

You are in African forest are your site No Use. Because In Africa there is a lot of people Still Don’t Have an Idea About Dates Is A Fruit.


A simple trick is if your expert in chicken, you’re doing superb fry curry, if your area is London then you should stand for below things before buying a domain name.

  • The first thing you are doing chicken very well
  • the second point you are fry curry expert
  • you are in London.

So your domain name should Don’t buy or some thing because target what and where you are offering your services.Your expert in fry chicken not in all chicken items.

Now we move to our next point

coming ones are the major parts for buying a great domain name.Untold secrets.

3.who is your target visitors?

3rd Point Another significant role in your valuable domain name.

See some problems if your domain does not target to your visitors.

  • If your web site about sustainable maintenance of heart health and heart stroke avoid tips, your domain name looks like what happens?
  • If your website about Android usage visitors and your domain name is what happens?
  • You must select your domain for school children uniforms in Delhi. Don’t buy are are

Always find your targeted visitors and include in your domain name.

We move to our next point.

4.what is your website language?

4th One is a critical factor when ever you choose your domain name. see some problems with language cause.

  • An important thing is your site language is English no problem.
  • If your site in a local language you must try to include your language name or short words in your domain name.
  • If your site is technology site in the Dutch language if you choose, there is no use with that.
  • Always try your language name are short words in your domain name.

We move to our last and most crucial thing playing You role in your domain name.

5.what is your plans for your website?

We see why it plays also selected role in the domain name?

  • You start current site as a blog and plan is expanded as e-commerce store than don’t work.
  •  Your current site is a website selling clothes then you move to a web site retail items don’t work
  • you are The is you try to expand your business in Wales that does not work.

Now, what is the major thing in buy a great domain name?

Always with a clear mind revise the five points and take some time for a great domain name. If your domain name is perfect, your visitors get a clear idea about your website. Search bots also feel Waste when ever any one asking information related to your site. Try as shown in the better place of your site content.

Most important thing you must avoid buying a domain name.

  • Don’t use any numbers like,,
  • One more important thing don’t use any hyphens are other stuff like,you-me
  • Don’t use any spam words. I don’t use in my post. Search it in google.
  • Most important thing don’t use any brand names in your domain. Or  Or etc. it’s a massive headache in future.
  • Never try to add a word to your desired domain name. When required one is not available, So many domain providers showing a lot of suggestions match to your domain name. But forget them all.think for a last new name if you cannot find it instantly take some time and then go for the desired name.
  • The significant thing if your domain name 100% accepted by you without any hesitations then your visitors should like this. Be cause before publishing your site only the person you to know which content is going to your Website.

OK, every thing is perfect. You already think about your domain name. The desired name is also selected. Now what to do?don’t Waste time! Because if some body purchases your name, you cannot get back that. Where to buy? Who is reliable domain seller?

No, doubt the big Hostgator.

Now we move to theory to practice.

Why because their support 24/7/365 is awesome. Personally almost my needs all hosted by Hostgator. The best and reliable provider of any web services.One more thing that’s never forgetting they give worth of add-ons 5000@local currency to you. We will discuss the add-ons in later.I give you some valuable point why I prefer them.

  • I have self-experience with them. Such an excellent support team was working on 24/7/365. After my experience, I suggest Hostgator to you.
  • Hostgator provide localized hosting. It gives rocket speed to your website.
  • Hostgator transactions all are we can do in our local currency with our desired payment method.
  • Another great thing from Hostgator, they offer local language support.
  • I never worry about them and my web needs.

If you have any reliable provider serve more than HostGator, you can choose them.

OK, how to buy to a domain name in Hostgator.

I will show to you it’s obvious.

First, go to HostGator by clicking the link. Hostgator took to you below showing screen.

hostgator image for buying a great domain name.untold secrets.
Hostgator image for buying a great domain name.Untold secrets.

Then click on domain tab showing to the top. When ever your mouse go to Domain tab on the site a drop down menu appears 1.register domain name 2.transfer domain name 3. IDN domain name.

domain registration hostgator image for buying a great domain name.untold secrets.
Domain Registration HostGator image for buying a great domain name.Untold secrets.

Click on register domain. After your click host gator takes to you, domain search page looks like below image.

domain registration page for buying a great domain name.untold secrets.
Domain registration page for buying a great domain name.Untold secrets.

Enter in the search the search button.If Thanks, available Hostgator showing like this.

That’s great if you find if you get in your search.

domain name finding image for buying a great domain name.untold secrets.
Domain name finding image for buying a great domain name.Untold secrets.

Click the button add to cart. And go ahead to check out by clicking the checkout button.Your checkout page will look like this.

checkout page of hostgator for buying a great domain name.untold secrets.
Check out the page of Hostgator for buying a great domain name.Untold secrets.

Take a deep look at the shopping cart page. What do you find? With your domain name free add-ons worth rs.5000 and domain privacy protects added to automatically your account. Domain duration showing one year and a coupon code box and your total amount and tax amount showing in that.We discuss everyone now.

1.what is add-ons worth Rs 5000? to know about add-ons just click on the blue link what do I get? after you click the link HostGator showing what you get add-ons worth Rs 5000 showing a below-mentioned list.

“What do I get?

We have always strived to give quality service at the best prices possible. The following services are convenient when managing your domain & we’re offering them FREE of charge:

2 Email Accounts –
Domain Forwarding
URL Masking
DNS Management
Domain Theft Protection
Bulk Tools
Easy-to-use Control Panel
24/7 Local Support”

what do i get? hostgator image for buying a great domain name.untold secrets.
what do I get? Hostgator image for buying a great domain name.untold secrets.

that is the move to the next part automatically added to our cart the second one, domain privacy all of you guys feeling why this extra cost? or some thing going on your mind right. but my strong suggestion is you must hold with domain privacy protect. why? I am going to show why now?first, we look what is HostGator says about privacy protection?

that will look like this.

“Why Privacy Protect?

Protect yourself from identity theft, spammers, and telemarketers. Without Privacy Protection for your domain name, Purchase A Domain Without Privacy Protection. Your contact information and details are public and visible to anyone On the web. Who does a WHOIS check on your domain name?

Privacy Protection ensures that the contact information associated with your domain name is not visible.

Privacy Protect Defend this by replacing all your Details, and publicly visible Domain Contact Information with alternate Or another contact Details, Same as shown in the screenshot below:

The image looks like below.

whois image of hostgator for buying a great domain name.untold secrets.
Whois image of Hostgator for buying a great domain name.Untold secrets.

I feel HostGator says very right words for everyone. Yes, if you buy a domain name without privacy protect after the next hour your receive flood of calls and messages in phone and mail box. They all said offers and discounts about your website, SEO, content, social marketing, and a lot of many things. They chase with phone calls and emails like wherever you go our network follows? Will you want this? So my suggestion is to register a domain name with Whois privacy protect. Otherwise, you face miserable problems with those marketing guys.

How many years you Register The Domain is another great thing when you are buying a great domain name.

The important thing you can register as much more years as you like until ten years. My words for this situation, register for as possible as 3 to 5 years. I know as a new blogger are new website owner may be it’s little expensive.But it will be a key point in your SEO. But not necessary. If there is any coupon code, it’s automatically added to your cart.let’s click continue it will take to you the create account page.

hostgator account create page for buying a great domain name.untold secrets.
Hostgator account to create a page for buying a great domain name.Untold secrets.

Click on create account.A new page appears in front of your screen. The page asking your contact information.also the user information. Contact information for your bills, Invoice and any primary contact purpose. User information is for login and holds contact and password query purpose. No need to worry. Enter the correct on create account after complete the details.

contact and user information image forbuying a great domain name.untold secrets.
Contact and user information image for buying a great domain name.Untold secrets.


contact and user information image2 for buying a great domain name.untold secrets.
Contact and user information image2 for buying a great domain name.Untold secrets.

It will take you payment options page. Select your desired method of payment. Pay for your domain and privacy protected.

Just wait a minute. Few words for you before hit the pay button.

I Tell Another matter. Because I know may be you’re a newbie. You go forward based on my words. If I give Wrong guidance, you never come back to Ap Web Academy. I know that and one more thing, I every day revise what I am saying to people? Any one hurts confused with my words that are leads to create some problems for those people. That creates very frustration for, if every thing is correct and useful, then I suggest that. Otherwise, I don’t think about that.

Just go back to the starting point. Revise what you do now?

  • Your selected domain is a beautiful Domain? This thing only approved by you.if you satisfy with your domain name 100%, no matter go to next point.
  • Is your Domain meet the matt Cutts rules. Means your domain name hold your desired keyword. Your domain name holds your site title. Important Thing Is Your domain name alias your keyword repeated can 4 to 6 times in your posts.are you buying to plan Domain for three to five years.
  • Your domain name meet requirements of buying a great domain name.Untold secrets post’s check list.

Last and important one, without any change in future, can you stick with your desired domain name and website name, and not only that can you make quality content with these.

Un less forgets all of them, and you are stick to your domain name and buzz with the name like Harsh’s shout me loud.

After you get clear and clarity about the view, then hit the pay button for Paying which one stands between you and your desired domain name.

Great! You buy a great domain name. Resolved the untold secrets of Buying A Great Domain.

After complete your buy a confirmation email generates to your email account.Mail covered the details of your domain. After login to your hosting account, it’s showing your domain name in the list.

hosting account admin area image for buying a great domain name.untold secrets.
Hosting account admin area image for buying a great domain name.Untold secrets.

Take your mouse to on manage orders. After your mouse on that manage orders, tab drop menu shows like below image.

rhosting account admin area image 2 for buying a great domain name.untold secrets.

Then click on list/search orders. This page takes to your list of orders page. On that page, your domain name is showing. That’s showing with a green bullet point.  Three columns table also saw by you. First one refers your domain name. The second one indicates your product. Product means domain registration and related products to the Domain. The third one is showing expiry date of your domain name. Expiry means a date the deadline for your domain name renewal. You must complete renewal before the expiry.

Find why privacy protect so valuable

Now I give you a small tip. That proves privacy protect real value. You will also say great value for your money. Open your browser. Type Enter your domain name in search box.hit the enter button. Now see what happened? Privacy protects works. It gives great value. The value is very high more than you pay.

That’s it.I feel almost every thing I explained to you. Not an only simple explanation that’s very brief to you.But, no problem it will take some time to understand for you.if you have any doubts are hesitations in buying your desired domain name you can feel free to contact me. I am always ready for help to people like you. Because you are who have great ambition to buy a great domain name and build a unique website.If you have any small doubts, you can post the comment below the comment section. I answer that question.

The conclusion of buying a great domain name.Untold secrets

It will be going lengthy post.But my goal is if you want to give correct information to people must do this.why? Because you learn this information from reading so many books and posts.watching so many videos and facing some real situations.So, you can understand with ease.But people like newbies they just start now.Give them brief explanation.if they got useful information from your post, then your goal and their need both are fulfilled.

I am the first guy feel happy more than you if you buy a great domain with these untold secrets. You feel this Article is useful for some one in your friends, let’s share this.If you want to know more reliable information like this in future, you can subscribe to my blog are click on the follow button in one of my social links.

I present reasons proudly why I stand with great people like you?

At the stage of the building Ap Web Academy, writing like this type post with confidence, some books are helping me like a pro.i feel those books can help a lot better than me.i can guess what’s going on your mind? OK. I buy a great domain name now what to do? Where to start? So much eager about them?

We learn about that those things in up coming posts. I think these books can give proper guidance for you, build a website with coding or without coding. No matter, you are a newbie or a senior developer, you can more quickly create your website.i publish the books below.check it and get the many valuable web knowledge.let’s see them.


I hope this books will help you lot better than me.if you don’t buy your desired domain name until now go and buy it at HostGator.I complete this post with giving one more heart full thanks to guru Eric Michelson. Because I saw my self, A little improvement of writing skill from the half of this post. Thanks, Eric. You want to no more details about me go to about page.

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