what is hacking and how it works?

Hello, welcome to Ap Web Academy. Today we move to one of our Hacktivists concept hacking. Since last one or two months so many times we hear about this word. About major cyber attacks like ransomware, Petya. And before DDoS and so many hacking have happened in the web world. As an internet user, we all must have awareness about what is hacking and how it works? So, in today’s article, we learn the concept what is hacking and how it’s work? Let’s check about this.

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what is hacking and how it works

1. what is hacking?

The first part of what is hacking and how it works. Hacking is nothing, same as like hijacking. Yes, if somebody hijacks a bus or plain what happens? They ask some money are other requirements for hijackers left safely the passenger’s bus or plain. Same as hackers do.

Hackers are hijacking a computer, and it has files like bus and travelers in the bus. After they are hacking computer files, hackers ask the requirements. If hackers fulfill their needs, then hackers release the computer files. One more important thing is there are no guarantee hackers leave your data safely.

2.how it works?

The second part of what is hacking and how it works. Hackers setup an environment for hacking. The most interesting thing hacking has a course called ethical hacking. And after completion of the course, related authorities give a certificate. And so many companies and countries offering a good amount of salaries for ethical hackers. They want to save safely against the unexpected hacking in the web world.

A hacker set his hacking environment with hacking tools.  Hacking tools like Kali Linux, VM player, Raspberry Pi and so many available tools. Hackers check for a computer are computers network those contain chance for hacking. means less security or found a loophole for sending vulnerabilities.

3.hacking types


Types of hackers are the hacking type called five Methods same as mentioned below.

  • White hat hackers.
  • Gray hat hackers.
  • Black hat hackers.
  • Hacktivist.
  • Script kiddie.

Now, we check details one by one.

1.white hat hackers

 White hat hackers are professional. Also, the white hat hackers called ethical hackers. Who are do Hacking with all rights are permissions. Means taking the necessary rights from the required management are authorities for testing their security levels of the computer or computers network.

A good thing is white hat hackers never harm. They find the loophole. And intimate to management. Showing the solutions for facing unethical or black hat hacking.

2.grey hat hacking

the gray hat hackers are the intermediates of white hat hackers and black hat hackers.

Gray hat hackers are doing the things same as white hat hackers.

But, they do the thing without required permission.

They find the loopholes they intimate to authorities for some money or reward.

Gray hat hackers are also keeping things safe. But, sometimes they have gone mad.

3.black hat hackers

The criminals. A single guy or guys, who are trying to get access to a computer or network without any authorization from management. To take all the control and demand some money or other requirements. These people are most dangerous.

  • All black hat hackers violated the policy rights.
  • Steal corporate data.
  • Deny legitimated user services.

And so many wrong things.


Hacktivists are the new type hackers.  Do same things follow as black hat hackers. But hacktivist not hacking for money.

Try to show their message or slogan or information on the hacked computer or network or website or social accounts.  Hack websites and social accounts and put their message in front of the viewers.

5.script kiddie 

The word script kiddie refers to a newbie or an uneducated person who are using the hacking tools just now and trying to hack a computer or network or other possible platforms.Sometimes these people become dangerous.

They use some guides and tools for hacking. After hacking the platform, they don’t know how to release it.

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what is hacking and how it works?
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what is hacking and how it works?
Hacking is nothing, same as like hijacking. Yes, if somebody hijacks a bus or plain what happens? They ask some money are other requirements for hijackers left safely the passenger's bus or plain. Same as hackers do.
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