what is HTML how HTML works?

Hello, welcome to Ap Web Academy. Today we move to code programming. First, we learn about the primary Front end or Client side Web Development language HTML. Today HTML  become the more must and should language for every web developer. And we can’t build a website or web page without HTML. Now, you are viewing a web page on Ap Web Academy is also built on HTML5. let’s go and check what is HTML how HTML works?, HTML background and basic HTML information.

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what is HTML how HTML works

1.what is HTML

  • HTML stands for hypertext markup language.
  • Some people call HTML code.
  • But HTML is not a code like other programs.
  • HTML is a markup language using for well-formatted web page showing in the browser.
  • HTML language markup with pairs of tags.
  • Tags mean nothing a text contain between angle brackets.
  • HTML code nested in opening tag and closing tag.
  • Only closing angle bracket has forward slash before the text markup.

Just look the below structure for example.

HTML element

opening tag <b> we write the text here.</b> closing tag

<b> tag means letters show in bold. so when we write opening b tag and closing b tag and write some text between the tags, then written text appear bold in the browser.


HTML language nested between the opening and closing HTML tags. looks like below I written.

<html>   opening tag.

remain language all written here.

</html>  closing tag.

for every HTML document building, opening and closing HTML tags are must use. and there are HTML so many tags for so many types of structure.

a browser read the HTML document and process the code between the markup tags, and then give us the text in heading, paragraph, image, bold, italic, audio, video, and so many types.

3.HTML background

Wikipedia was saying HTML created by the person Berners-lee in 1991. but “HTML 2.0” the first standard of HTML versions.  it was first time used in 1995. after that HTML improve day by and year by year. below list has all the HTML versions since first one.

  • 1991 – HTML.
  • 1995 – HTML 2.0
  • 1997- HTML 3.2
  • 1999- HTML 4.01
  • 200- XHTML
  • 2014- HTML5  the present standard of HTML.

4.Basic HTML information

  • If you want to write an HTML document, are tries to build a web page.
  • You must follow some rules. Otherwise, HTML programming does not work.
  • Now, we are using HTML5. So, we want to tell web browser the document is HTML5. We say it In the only one way the paper is  HTML5 written in the top of the document. Then browsers detect the document want to processed in html5.
  • every HTML document should save with.html extension. Otherwise the document not worked.
  • Web pages which one builds with the only HTML are HTML&CSS called statistic web pages. Means the pages don’t have any user interactivity.
  • Some HTML tags have only one self-end closing tags. example <img/> , and some other. but 90% tags have both opening and closing tags.

I hope this article gives an Idea of what is HTML how HTML works. If you have any doubts on the process, you can contact me, without any hesitation. You can comment for small doubts below this article. You think this post useful for your near ones. Let’s share this on your favorite social platform. For more good posts like this in future, you can subscribe through email, are click and follow me hitting one of my social links.

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what is HTML how HTML works
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what is HTML how HTML works
what is HTML how HTML works. HTML stands for hypertext markup language. HTML language nested between the opening and closing HTML tags. html5 is standard
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