what is the web? how did it work?

Few words about what is the web? How did it work?

Hi, welcome to Ap web Academy. I feel happy to start what the web? How did it work? As my first post. If you want to know Brief about me, go to about page.  A strong reason in the backend for I choose the topic. These days almost everyone knows about how to use the web. The question is, in those people how many know what the web? How it works?.another important thing is Ap web Academy started on a basis by offer web concepts step by step. So, if anyone tries to learn web concepts first, they must know learn about what is the web? How it works?.for more details about me you can find go to about page.

What is the web? How did it work?

The web is a system of Internet servers. Server means its supercomputers, but it’s configured with very high values.Web access by web browsers and web apps. Servers supported specially formatted documents. The documents formatted by markup language.mark up language called as html.html stands for hyper text markup language.html supports links other documents, graphics, audio, video and so many types of files. Servers convert formatted documents to web pages and showing in web browsers and apps.

Ok. we got some idea about what is the web? Now we move to next part.

I learn what is the web?  I know about how it works?

Always web page access by only when we call it. We request a web page with the internet browser or open in the app. every web page had a separate name like a human. How we called our name as a name, a web page name called as URL.

URL stands for uniform resource locator.In every web browser address bar we enter the URL.when ever we want to view some webpage, open the browser and type URL in address bar then hit the enter. The browser takes our request to the Domain name server. The server automatically processes our request for searching for the web pages belongs to the URL. After finding them sent back to the internet browser. The browser was doing balance things and show web pages of the requested URL to the user.


if you type google.com in your browser’s address bar, the browser takes the ask to Google Domain hosted server. Server process the URL and request sent back to the browser. The browser was showing Google web page. See the image below.

google URL in web browser address bar image for what is the web? how did it work?
Google URL in a web browser address bar, an image for what is the web? How did it work?

I hope you learn good knowledge about basics of what is the web? How it works?. now you browse on the internet with a bit of knowledge and confidence. if you have any doubts on the process, you can contact me, without any hesitation. you can comment for small doubts below this article. you think this post useful for your near ones. let’s share this on your favorite social platform. for more good posts like this in future, you can subscribe through email, are click and follow me hitting one of my social links.

Thank you so much for visiting.  Ap web Academy.  You want to know more about me go to about page.

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what is the web? how did it work?
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what is the web? how did it work?
Hi, welcome to Ap web Academy. I feel happy to start what the web is? How did it work? As my first post.Learn what the web is? How did it work?
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